Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alcoholic Party'10 Part1

"Drink till you drop"

Venue : Pulau Langkawi
Date : 06 March 2010
Temp. : 31°c
Time : 1400
No. of Members : 9

1st things 1st, the MEMBERS!!!

Here's the plan we workout, we divided into two teams once we reach there. Team α: Alcohol expertise, Team β: Acommodation survey..Of course, things workout nicely. Here's the main attraction of a tax free places "ALCOHOL!!!"

Cool enough?? Not yet! There's more..
and more...but WAIT! next up is our drinks!
nice eh??? Compliment for our Team α..PEACE!
(Members of Team α)

Ok..Let's take a break for the the alcoholic part. But before our party start..BEACH TIME!!! yoohoo~
the crowd..
Let's just have the pic to do the

1st up, banana board!
2nd up, board-wreck???

Here's some photo taken that night...for display purpose(comment is so much welcome)^^

My crazy buddy~I like him man. He's a

NEXT UP! LET"S GET IT STARTED! Alcoholic Party'10


Nikel Khor said...

dun1 share with me meh..kekek

from Nikel Khor

chenlin said...

lol..shy shy le...

ai wei said...

can i know how much is choya in langkawi?

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