Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's here again!^^

Duanwu Festival is here again! It's a famous festive which is originated from China. Click here if you wish to know more^^

Well, as usual. Thanks to Malaysia goverment wise Sembreak arrangement. I can always sit tide at home enjoying my favourite homemade "Bak Chang"(Of course is my mum who do the together with chinese tea..woohoo!!!

Lots of "Bak Chang"! Yummy^^

Think of you all should have the same feeling. You too like Chinese Rice Dumpling, don't you? It's really nice:)

Another type of dumpling. It's gold in color:)

I did it! Sharp 12pm!!!!!

*~Happy Duanwu Festival!!!~*


` Yi Han said...

I want dumpling! :P

Mindy said...

huh?i dun und abt the egg la..

chenlin said...

@Yi Han: I see u eating more good things at Bali Happy trip^^

@Mindy: During DuanWu Jie at sharp 12 noon, U just hav to hold the egg upright and thn let go slowly. It'll remain standing even u let go ur

uLi.佑莉 said...

Oh my god!! How you did it for the eggs??? Geng!

chenlin said...

@uLi: The clue is just remember sharp

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