Sunday, August 8, 2010

My bro's big day!

"August 7th"

"you reap what you sow" - Nah~ it's not a lesson to teach you all. It's just to emphasize my bro's efforts after 4 years of hard work in attaining his DEGREE! Yup! You're right, today's is my bro's convocation and I had get myself prepared since early in the morning!(crossed fingers behind my Okay, I admit I woke up at 11 something and was waken up by my mum's call! silly me..

The convocation going to be held at..(I prefer picture do the talking, don't you?)

Guess you might having difficulties in knowing this Uni?

we're not allowed to snap picture inside the hall wtf! But still *SNAP!
(p/s: The Picture is quiet blur due to dim light and MAX zoom, am sitting quiet far away)

The CROWD! A total of 4 phone calls to help me track my!

The future leader!

Me and my bro - Chen Ee! *Thumbs up!

#1. Family of the day!

#2. Family of the day!

Go! Go Fly higher! The higher you fly, the higher my salary going to be!

My sis,hope she do well in her coming SPM!
(Is time to cut-less your date with FB! joke~joke~)


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Hilda Milda™ said...

I can't wait for my big day to come, 4 more years ARGH hahaha i thought yr sister is older than you, she looks matured o.o

AdrianCJY said...

hey congratz yo.. lol hope ur bro do well in future too..

ken said...

congrats to your bro =)

jason said...

hey bro, great post there..!! Its sweet to look at al these pics u shared.. Seriously, I Like it A LOT!!! ^^ Anyway, congrats to ur big bro, and al the bst2 his future. Bst regard, jason!

P.S. We will have our Day.. ^^
P.P.S. ur sis is pretty. Haha! :P *bro high five!*

jfook said...

Congrat to ur bro!

YongChin Low said...

Congratulation to my senior! Finally, our bro Chen Lin remember to bring his camera and recorded the great moment. Nice photography, bro!

wenjuan said...

Jason~~ What U mean with sweet in chen lin da pict ya hehe spooted!!

Chen lin Congrats to your bro ^^

Moots Harlow said...

a biggest congratulation to your brother...
it's so exciting when it comes to the graduation day...
your family must be proud of him isn't..
i will go for my graduation day next 4 years...

vialentino said...

wow...congrats to ur brother...

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