Sunday, September 26, 2010

My ways of Serenity

My ways of Serenity 2010
Gosh! The weather is flaming! Yesterday was a freaking hot noon as usual just it's a weekend which means no class, no schedule restriction and no date with lecture. Decided to take a bicycle ride with my buddy and do some photo-shooting!(*Secret* It was my 1st outdoor shooting experience in Perlis! Cool!) Wonder how long should I wait for the day where I stand the chance in joining the photography program with all the professional photographer. "But 1st thing 1st, I should get my very own DSLR 1st!"..again $$$ costing..sigh

Along with the waiting dreaming of my DSLR arrival, Let's have a walk with me towards the serenity of Perlis. Shall we?

#1. The buddy!

#3. Trust me. The colorful wonder-house has not being undergo any extra work from photo-shop. This is it's original paint! Ain't it looks cool?!

#4. A brief tutorial, learn 'pick-up' using bicycle as the 1st step before practice on the real bike. Safer!...lolx

#5. Spotted this plant halfway, it's not a rare species. Just some random shot.

That's all for now folks! Hope you all love the shots!
(It's just amateur work. Will practice more often:D)

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jason said...

OMG!!!! those pics are AWESOME!!!! Serious Envy!!! ^^

ken said...

really nice pics =)

CzChooi said...

yea i feel your pict man.. nice one!

loves fashiondiva X0X0 said...

so so so so x9 beautiful!
such talent!!wow
<3 all the pictureS!

Merrinette said...

Nice photos :)

YongChin Low said...

Whoa, both of u went secretly without we know it! U guys make me envious and jealous. Anyway, I'm looking forward to our outdoor shooting. Thumbs up!

Moots Harlow said...

omg! the pictures are great and nicely shot!
what camera u use?

Moots Harlow said...

omg! the pictures are great and nicely shot!
what camera u use?

Mindy said...

marvellous pictures...i really like the effect of ur camera...shud lend me try someday..hehe...i juz cant sign in my blog at the moment...lousy line...

chenlin said...

@Jason: Lol..Just normal work bro. Happy you like it^^
@Ken: Thx ken!
@CzChooi: Thx ya!
@Love fashiondiva XOXO: Just amateur work! Appreciate your compliment:D
@Merrinette: Thx!
@YongChin: Sure thing bro! I always looks forward for our photo shooting day!:D
@Moots Harlow: Just normal digital camera. cant afford DSLR..T.T
@Mindy: Haha..I understand. Uni's line sucks! Btw, thx for the compliment:)

yee said...

are u kidding me? u called this amateur? then i'm noobest of all already...

๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

nice photos~
love them very much :3

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