Thursday, March 3, 2011


Finally BWZ!(a.k.a 'breath well zone', ma' self acronym actually!..lolx). Just pass through a super hectic week, full of assignments, preparing a super thick lab report, and a leveled up test/exam paper. but still all this hasn't end yet, there's still a lovely date with c'min mini project..sigh Well hey! Atleast my first test is over now! (emotional fella I am..)

'the SUNSET_01'.(2011).chenlin

It was lastX2 week story, having a bicycle ride with my buddy and discover sunset is indeed fascinating! Well ahem,since the rise of  beautiful scene topic, of course *snap *snap session again! Had giving out few try, found out I'am still super amateur. I really can't see any obvious improvement..OMG! Well, it takes time..okay okay. Now let's have a look of my work featuring 'THE SUNSET'! Appreciate any comment given..!!!

'the SUNSET_02'.(2011).chenlin

'the SUNSET_03'.(2011).chenlin

(To: SUNSET_03)Love the feeling of this shot. This picture was actually taken in quiet a dark environment. It was just few minutes after the sun set fully, and if you take a more detail look. It actually has quiet an amount of noise in it. compact camera just having difficulties in taking dark scene photo huh?

p/s: Thanks for being model for all the above shot: Fz_Pingu


jason said...

*thumb's up* :)

Kelvin said...

U have actually blocked the sunset with ur silhouette in the 3rd pic~

chenlin said...

@Jason: Am not satisfied with the shots
@kelvin: The sunset is not that clearly visible that time because it's been quiet late, should be around 7-8pm. Btw, thanks for your comment! Appreciate it:] Will pay more attention to the silhouette position:)

Lilyel said...


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Thank you.

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