Saturday, February 20, 2010

18/2/2010 Part 2 - Delicacy

This post should have been posted two days ago..but I'm just too buzy to post it in time(I HAVE TWO PAPERS TO GO AFTER MY CNY BREAK..sigh) thus, no choice but to write my FIRST expired post...forgive me ya~ Ahem..let's continue the 2nd part of my previous post.."PART 2 - Delicacy"
This is my first post in posting about food. Comment is totally needed in all the picture taken..thanks world~

My buddy planned to start his valentine gift hunting project once finish watching 'The Wolfman'. I want to follow him but.."stomach crying" since I'm his consultant, he has no choice but to say " Go eat la Go eat la.."

After approx we are~

First thing in my mind~RICE! I flip the menu over and over til I found this "Szechuan Seafood Rice"

The actual translate of it's name from chinese should be 'Szechuan Seafood Kungfu Rice' just wonder what their chef wears..shaolin uniform should be more for laugh gags~)

After few minutes of come my yummy yummy~

Can you see the cute little mussel This is one of the reason why I order this dish..ITADAKIMAS!


Bruce828 said...

You can really write nice good post d^^ But one thing not true~ it seems that i consult u more than u consult me leh~ lol^^

Nikel Khor said...

i love to eat nia la..
from Nikel Khor

♥Baboon Tan♥ said...

Boston is @ Sunway that one?

chenlin said...

[Bruce] Thx 4 ur compliment ya:)
[Nikel] Ask u join me nex
[Baboon tan]'s at Bandar Perda Aeon Jusco^^

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