Friday, February 26, 2010

PUKI the pig

"Local and foreign"

Finally my 1st test finish in PEACE. Decided to update my blog after forcing my brain to be overloaded for this few days. It's really making me sick with the super damn hot weather in Perlis..Thinking of what thing to share today..

Here is what I found few months ago..(I know it's a lil bit outdated but it's nice to

Proudly present the "Shanghai Bank PUKI maskot!"

Things were just so much different in different place. You can see the contrast through this poster. In shanghai, PUKI is a sign of maskot that will help your child in money saving(Parents will be so happy if they heard their child saying: Daddy! I want "PUKI!"), but if for the chinese in penang...guess what happen?

Venue: pasar(market)

Mr.A: WEI! why you stare at me? Say sorry!

Mr.B: Why should I, I stare at the bird flyin..cannot meh!

Mr.A: Ma 'PUKI!' Faster say sorry! If not I 'ask my horse' come~

Mr.B: @#$!%&@!

see the different...puki is used as a swear word here, but if in shanghai bank, puki = money saving..

Things are just so different...Happy living in this colourful


Nikel Khor said...


from Nikel Khor

chenlin said...

lol..gud tinking but dey shud use chicken instead of piggy if '福鸡'..

Alpha Ace said...

wah~ d PUKI so cute~!! ^^
actually i love eating PUKI a lot leh~

i mean the crispy PUKI rice kakaka~

by the way, I'm not full time photographer as you think(i wanted to be one too). I work as indoor sales ..but just love go shooting photos whenever i can find myself some spare time instead of bashing some game console at home.

I seldom travel, but i do plan out my outing or travel plans. I visit mostly to Melaka coz my gf lives in Melaka. I used to see her twice a month or once ....

Guess, i would love to make ordinary things or place looks a bit different with my camera.

When you love taking pics, you will be like me ...very fever into photography hahaha~

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