Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fire burning

"Somebody call 911
Exam fire burning under my butt whoa~ "

(choke choke! cnt breathe...(0.0)|||) This sentence best describe my present feeling..you'll know why..

Here's the release of my recent exam schedule BEFORE CNY.

1st, Friday, 5/2/2010, Electromagnetic theory
2nd, Saturday, 6/2/2010, Engineering Entrepreneurship
3rd, Monday, 8/2/2010, Microprocessor lab test
3rd, Tuesday, 9/2/2010, German language
4th, wednesday, 10/2/2010, Communication theory

+ 2 more after CNY and more to come...

It's normal for a student sitting for exam, but the problem is - The time CRASH! My electromagnetic CRASH with my german class(force me can't follow the Grammar part class which it's going to be in my next week exam), communication theory CRASH with my Microprocessor lab session(going to have replacement class for sure)..4 paper, 2 CRASH! sigh~

Let's pray for better future~

1 comment:

Bruce828 said...

Haha~ Obviously the uni time management sucks, lol, don't worry la~ everything going to be fine^^ Sooo looking forward for CNY :D

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