Monday, February 1, 2010


Disconnect! Limited connectivity! ICT department! not again~~~

This word keep going round and round in my mind everytime I think of wanna online in my Uni.
My hostel FAMOUS for its lousy internet connetion..Yup..still using LAN cable..
But why I put '8am, 12am' as my title...I CAN ONLY SURF THE INTERNET SMOOTHLY IN THIS HOUR!
other than this, sorry~limited connectivity again. Local network for you, my dear..(go play DOta or counter strike la!)
Sometime I even need to borrow my friend's broadband just to download my NOTES! Just improve it a bit la....plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz headache headache...(0.0)

1 comment:

Bruce828 said...

Haha~ UniMAP line always sucks de la, good thing is that my house don hv this problem d^^ Always connected :P

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