Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY 2010 + Tiger

Ahem Ahem~
..prepare myself for a my loud wishes for all people out there~

(I know it's kind of 'belated' but stil better than none...lol sorry sorry~)

It was the 1st day of CNY after reunion dinner. As usual, meeting relative + collecting angpau + gambling + alcoholic drinks + movie-ing....this is the kind of the trend that I go through every CNY(but just ignore the alcohol things, I CAN'T DRINK MAN!) Ok, time passed by till noon..suddenly phone ringgrrr~ "chenlin let's go for movie tonight, want?"

Everyone knows, 14/2 is the combo of both event. CNY + Valentine..sigh. My gang and I try not to picky towards the movie. But still what we get is "130AM, Percy Jackson"(Fell like wanna watch Wolfman that time..sigh)...Here's briefly about what actually happened in the story..

Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman, Gamer) doesn’t exactly have it all that great in life. Aside from having a loving mother (Catherine Keener), he doesn’t have a lot of friends in school, he suffers from dyslexia, he’s never met his real father, and his obnoxious stepfather (Joe Pantoliano) is as detestable and unloving as they come. Oh, and on top of all that, he just found he’s actually a demigod(Half god half human) being accused of stealing Zeus’ master lightning bolt, the greatest weapon in the entire universe. Now, with the Greek Olympians on the brink of a war that could bear major consequences to the planet Earth, Percy needs to somehow prove his innocence to the Gods; all the while trying to rescue his captured mother, who is being held hostage by the wicked god Hades.

p/s: compare to Narnia or Harry Porter, It'll be not that visually impressive. But still it'll be entertaint enough. Recommended for all the greek's god lover. But one more comment- feel like all the hardship can easily get passed by the main character, MR. Percy ~

Happy CNY ^^


Elaine New said...

i was considering it to watch today. how would u rate it tho? out of 10? (1 being the lousiest and 10 is the best)

Ken said...

The story of the movie sounds quite interesting!

chenlin said...

[Elaine]I would rate it 6.5..lol
[Ken]U goin 2 watch it aso?

smiley said...

this year is my year...im born in tiger year..hehehe


kenwooi said...

the lightning thief.. interesting but no time to watch it yet..
anyway, happy CNY =)


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