Friday, February 12, 2010

The Lovely Bones

It's was the night before I pack up my things and back for my CNY holiday..
Planning not to sleep that night as to celebrate my Uni's CNY holiday Think of what to do that night and this suggestion suddenly turn up from my fren.. 'Let's watch 'The lovely bones' together..want?' YES of course...the movie is quiet nice. I decide 2 post it's plot here..

The story is plotted in 1973, Susie Salmon, a 14-year-old girl living in Norristown, Pennsylvania. One day after school, Ray Singh, a boy Susie has had a crush on, approaches Susie at her locker and slips a note into her textbook without her knowing.

As Susie is walking home from school, Ray's note slips out of her book and begins to blow away in the wind. Susie chases after the paper through the cornfield, but it eventually flies away as she runs into her neighbor, George Harvey. He coaxes her into going to check out an underground clubhouse that he says he has built for the children of the neighborhood. Susie becomes increasingly alarmed as Harvey acts strangely and resists her attempts to leave the den. In an attempt to escape, Susie kicks Harvey in the face and runs out of the den back into the field. Susie makes it into town and sees her father, but he does not notice her. Susie instead runs home, but discovers the house eerily empty. She enters the upstairs bathroom to find Harvey soaking in a bathtub. Susie finds her charm bracelet hanging on the sink faucet, near a bloody shaving razor and finally realizes that she has been murdered by Harvey...(The story is kind of abstract...)

Story con't as the investigation and Susie's heaven's life...
...Hatred & happiness, what's her decision?

p/s: The storyline is interesting thought. Nice scenery and screen playing. Loved it^^
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