Monday, May 17, 2010

Thomas, sigh..

I'am not a huge badminton fans but seeing everyone talking about 'Thomas, Uber', guessed I'll get myself outdated if keep holding myself in day-dreaming pit

A long sigh for todays Thomas's final. Kinda dissapointed especially during the 2nd men's single, 2nd set - 'Simon Santoso vs Chen Jin'. During 2nd set, from 18-->19 for Chen Jin, for anyone out there who watch the LIVE match, you'll surely seen the Chen Jin rackets is already get passed the net(The shot is replayed in slow motion mode), and the Australia region referee still count that ball as '1'. You can see Simon's enthusiasm in winning the 2nd set is faded since he's just 1-2marks behind him(Even Malaysia's host says it's so so obvious). Thinked back, Simon might get himself a game if the referee is being fair enough..who

This game going to be more competitive only if his stamina is better. But still I would give my full credit for SIMON SANTOSO!!! Quiet satisfied with his performance. Compliment for him:) *Thumbs up!
p/s: No offence for china's fans out there ya. Just sounds my opinion. Happy day^^

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