Thursday, May 13, 2010

Update Update!!!

"It's here..finally"

No! No! NO! Not the movie..the photo is just to emphasize MY HOLIDAY! HAHA! should ease myself to the fullest for this holiday. You'll know why very soon. My Uni's final start at 19/4-7/5 and guess when is my last paper - '6/5'. Still remember the time I do my revision for my last subject. Totally is a DEAD CITY!!!(I mean my hostels of course..not the whole Nobody's there, just left few pity fellows holding the note til the 2nd las day and Ohya! The warung Makcik + Pakcik goyang kaki watching Wonder how the candidate who attend the last paper


Gotta appologize to all the blogger whose do support my blog during I was away. APPRECIATE YOU ALL YA^^ Now's my turn to help u all in the "click click project" Happy Day worlds^^

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