Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wesak + Gathering

"JAM JAM JAM..WITH MY BUDDY~" be honest..

I am not that kind of person who will pulling myself away from "14.1 inch" and went for outing especially during days with special event. It's due to all those traffic jam, full housed coffee shop, movies sold out..this really turn me

Guessed this year Wesak is an exception for ohya! Is the first time I realised Wesak's celebration in BM is so grand(Planned to take picture at the beginnning but end up camwhoring wit my

At first we planned to went for "Cup 'a' tea"(Yamcha). But one of my friend suddenly pop out "I need to get myself KL's bus ticket" and it was URGENT! Thus have to stuck ourself in crazzzy traffic jam that night since the ticket selling point is located at BM's pekan. But luckily thanks to my buddy's Driving skills - "1hr -> 30mins" and of course you have to pay for the "30mins" that you saved includes all the "HONk!", "Stare!", "reluctant kindness frm others driver" But still we manage to get ourself at Station 1 safely..haha

2hrs++ of drinks, chatting and "exaggerated" camwhoring(It's really exaggerated, two phones run out of batt that Here's some picture of the night^^

(Direction, From 9 0'clock to 11 o'clock : Apple Lemonade, Apple Lemonade, Red Bean Passion, Mocha Chip Blended, Blue Lemonade )

(From left to right: Isabelle, Justin(My swimming coach), Jason, Karin, chenlin and Chris(The Camera-man))

p/s: Happy belated Wesak's day! My apologize for can't wished in time due late night outing, have to update it the next day^^


Justin said...

wah!! not necessary to put (my swimming coach) there o~

chialing -鎵翎 said...

wah..i jz saw this post~~
btw.. this is my post for this wesak day ^^ here d link

chialing -鎵翎 said...

n my name..d correct spelling is KARINE .. not karin leh@@ hahaha

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