Monday, June 20, 2011

Kerachut '11

Here's the update again! It was a clear and lovely weather that day, a boy had spended his last weekend with his buddy buddies for a hiking in Pantai Kerachut, Penang followed by Penang International Dragon boat event! They travel in 13 peoples in a group. They have a super great time and the Dragon Boat's participant were just amazing! Their strong passion towards the sport and the power of human spirit in overcome difficulties were just unbelievable! And guess what? The boy who spend this great weekend is ME!

'Pantai Kerachut'.(2011).chenlin

Have my one night stay over my friend's place and we have a great pillow talk! DUDE! Men pillow talk too all right!..(Chuckle) Here's some picture taken on that day, let's have a glance on my work! Happy day world!

The buddy buddies!
 Left or right? Going to try up Muka Head soon! Wait for me LIGHT HOUSE!

 Sense of freedom, you never know what lies underneath

 Up up your tiny head...3,2,1 Cheeze!

 The template of pride - Penang International Dragon Board Competition

 Last picture, just love the wording on his shirt. 
(FYI, 龙舟 is a chinese word for 'Dragon Boat')


jason said...

Nice one!!! Ur pics had allowed me to understd penang better! luv ur pics!!! ^^

chenlin said...

For real it's that informative? Glad you like it bro. By the way, you take a great shot on Romeo! Nicely done there!

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