Friday, July 22, 2011

Bon Odori Penang 2011 #1

Hello world! Proudly present to you the Bondori of Penang 2011! Okay, I know it's held on 16th July, and let's take a look of the date now, OHNO! This post is terribly OUTDATED. Well, I really has been quite buzy lately. Stuffed with all the intern stuff..lecturer visits, logbook story making(it's not that hard actually, just get influence by the others. They're writting way toooooo details compare to mine..), and guess what, I even lack of documents by the time my lecturer paying her visits..

Ya..I know I did complain a bit little tiny too much for the intern but still overall is still consider so far so GOOD! Nice social over there, get paid for my hardwork, and super healthy living habits...and the count continues...

Yup, I have been to the Bondori last week and it was my first time being there eventhough I have been in penang for 23 years. Okay, lets cut the craps and take a look of some picture taken that day. Not much picture actually, BLAME THE DSLR-er blocking my tiny compact camera..! Just joking here..No offence!..Looking forward for getting one for myself!! As my birthday present maybe?

Crowd of the day, stuffed with people and DSLR-er
Outdoor Sushi King, the conveyer is still ON!
Some doll at the Bon Odori stall. What do you think?
The center of attraction! Guess what! The VIP was speaking on stage but the lenses is on the kids!
The performer, they were all well trained to posing infront of lenses. seriously.

EMcee on the stage: Hello crowd! And now here's the moment that we most anticipating for! THE EXTRAVAGANT FIREWORK! On the count, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Hunger for more fireworks? Let's check out next year Bon Odori!

Thats all for this post but Hey! there's a sequel of this post coming up next.
Do check it out! Happy Weekend and Happy Intern for myself!..haha

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