Saturday, July 23, 2011

Night walk @ Padang Kota Lama, Penang #2

Here's the sequel from the previous post! The time was around 6-8PM during the Bon Odori night. My friend and I have a walk searching for dinner outside the event, and guess what? This is the first time I walk in the Penang street holding a camera, sounds like a pro here!

16th July 2011, a day full of memory. My unforgettable day, I Love this day and not only is due to the extravagant event but also you. I think I like you and you do attract me. I mean Pearl of orient - Penang, Haven't skipping off my topic yet, no worry there. Well, lets have a look of the picture taken! Just few, ain't that skillful in taking night shots.

'Heritage Grandeur'.(2011).chenlin
Night Streets #1
Where's the fourth?
That's all for now. Looking forward for next shots. See you Bon Odori next year! In KL maybe?

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