Friday, March 16, 2012

The Author

This post is ABOUT ME! As you can see, I seldom reveal my appearance since I sign up Blogger or Nuffnang Community. Lets have a look on my right sidebar, my profile picture shows side view of me and now lets move your sight to 3-4 inches below - My FB's badge, it shows my BACK! Oh my, it is such of mystery.

Just some random post, decide to do some writing in this lonely night as all my friends heading for their Thailand fun (FYI, my university is just few kilometers away from Thailand border). Lots of things playing in my mind lately, especially personal issue and my project. Well, guessed my eyes don't feel like taking extra overtime shift tonight. Check back with you all at next update, lets rest and Nite..

p/s: Red ring on lens is photo edited work. I'm crazy for L lens!


jason said...

you are not alone~
I'm here with you~
hey, u can always cm2 find me geh whenever you're feelin lonely.. and again, cool red hair!!! :D luv ur L-lens!

P.S. u can be alone, bt nt lonely! :)

Camy said...

nice photo :D

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