Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Train!

Semester break RULES! Yup, currently having my one week semester break. Free for any dating, appointment, teatime BUT of course provided only if you're together with me in this state. Few days ago, I have been trying out one of my dreaming shot and guess what? The result was not bad (Check the picture below!). Myself is a person who drop by workout webpage frequently, trying out strength training myself and maybe that is the reason why I love this kind of shot. Athlete, Ripped guy..etc all are my favorites but exclamation here - I'm not GAY! No worry for my fans, if there's

That's all for now, Sweet night world, still have to attend a 'finishing school' talk tomorrow morning just something related to interview skill. Don't stay up late, Nite..zzZ

 p/s: Highest gratitude for co-operation from my model - Mr. FZ_Pingu!

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