Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fishing village day out

4/5/2012, 4pm plus with a seriously hot noon where hellfire weather temperature is well defined; Oh god, just being exaggerated with the adjective used but seriously it is HOT. You'll be able to imagine the weather if you continue reading ~ Oh so how does it relate with my title, Guess what?! I went for outdoor shooting with my buddies AGAIN! and this time the venue is located at a fishing village at our Malaysia's northern gem - PERLIS. It was quiet an isolated area actually where it might not be easy to be located by outside travelers but try search with the name "Kuala Sungai Baru, Simpang Ampat Perlis" who know you might find your luck in getting the place. Well, it is great for shooting but with the high exposure weather in conjunction with high brightness sunlight on that day, my shoots were all ruin - OVEREXPOSED!

The weather ain't good and with a not so good shooting skill, gone most of my shots.Some shots looks okay in my camera but when it get transfer into my laptop for further editing work, it was the time when I found I shoots a lot of silhouette. I know pointing lenses at the sunlight for sure will get a silhouette shot but i try play with the aperture but still end up a not so good result, never mind will try conquer bright sunny day shot, We live to learn! Oh, some short description for the photo (above) before I left, taken this photo at the end point of the fishing village and guess what? You'll find yourself a wide yet endless sea view just behind this little boat. Well until next post, got to go WORLD! Happy day!

p/s: I my shooting buddies - YC + JS

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jason said...

Cool Pic!!! :D More pic, more pic, more pic!

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