Friday, May 11, 2012


Its 12.54am, consider as late night posting? Its been a while since the last time I ever do late night post and well, I can't remember when is the last thought. Nothing much to said, ain't like previous post which is of my favorite in describing photo capturing experiences and X-cite but this post is seriously going to be random. Just FEEL LIKE UPDATING ya 'know! 

Yup, of course there's a photo treat for every of my post and there's no exception for this either! This photo was captured just outside my house (my hometown house to be particular in case misunderstood by you all it was my hostel "house" cause I wrote "house" for my University's hostel also) during my last semester break and it was evening. Sunset orange sky with thick cloud plus good reflection from the vehicle.. Come on, OF COURSE scenery FREEZING TIME! And guess what, sometimes you just thought of capturing the sky but who knows the transmission cable makes the photo composition even BETTER! Life is full of surprise huh?! Well, that's all for now.. Time to zZ

p/s: I miss you badly.

1 comment:

jason said...

feels like d storm is comin~

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