Sunday, January 31, 2010

160°C + Pressure

Date: 30/1/2010, Time: 2.00pm, Weather: Hot like hell, Location: kangar, Perlis. Summer haircut saloon. It was the 1st time I put my hair as my bet. I never go for my haircut other than the saloon I trust. This time because of the CNY season, I have no choice but to take the risk...(sound so exaggerated). Once I reach there, first thing I ask:

chenlin: Tauke..How much for doing a front part rebonding har?

Tauke : O...I just raise my price wor..cost you RM30 cheap so cheap..
(I thought I manage to avoid the CNY season price raising..sigh )

chenlin: Like that arr, than ok lo...(I even go to the bank to withdraw my money)

After 30mins....

chenlin: finish liao?

Tauke : Ok~finish..

Here's how my RM15+RM30 gone~..bye bye

p/s: I looks a bit like 'Ah kua' after doing the rebonding. But still, Summer is not a bad hair saloon after all.

1 comment:

Bruce828 said...

Huh?? Photo leh?? I don see any photo of you de??? Lol~

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